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Contact Us

Our customer service representatives are happy to assist you and ensure you have a great experience shopping at
For any of the types of inquiries below, you will receive the quickest response by emailing us at or calling us at (917) 310-3624

Your information will be sent directly to our order processing and/or warehouse personnel, and we will do our best to resolve any issues:

When will I receive my order?  What is my tracking number?
Once your order (or part of your order) has shipped, a tracking number will automatically be sent to the email address you entered when placing the order.  If you have not received a tracking number within one business day of placing the order, please send us your name, order number and billing zip code, and we will send you your tracking number.

Can I return all or part of my order?  Do you accept exchanges?
Please review our Returns Policy.  Subject to the terms of the Returns Policy, you may return unused products within 30 days of your order date.  We do not accept exchanges—simply return the product you don’t want and place a new order.  To initiate a return, please send us your name, order number and billing zip code and state whether you are returning an entire or partial order.  If making a partial return please give details, eg, I’d like to return All of the Ash Grey Gildan G500s; 10 of the Champion T525C Orange XLs;  All mediums and smalls of the Hanes 498P.

My order was delivered, but I received the wrong item/there is an item missing/the product I received was damaged.
At, we hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards.  If any product is missing from your order, or if the product does not meet specifications in any way, please let us know your name, order number and billing zip code, and the nature of the issue with your order, and we will work with you to resolve the issue.  Note that in order to get you your order as soon as possible, orders may be shipped from multiple warehouses (at no extra cost to you).  If some of the product you ordered is not in the initial package you receive, please check your confirmation to see whether additional packages may be on their way. 

I would like to add items to or remove items from the order I just placed, or change the order in some other way.
Our order receipt and shipment process is streamlined to get you your order as soon as possible.  Unfortunately this means we cannot add or remove product to or from orders once placed.  To purchase additional product, please place a separate order, and please return product you no longer want as described above.    
For all other inquiries, please contact our customer service representatives at or (917) 310-3624.


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